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Leading Personalized Start Pages Online

One of the best things to do when browsing and using the web is through the use of personalized start pages. But with so many options available online that lets you check top sites like AOL, AT&T and CompuServe, which one should you choose?

Netvibes– This is an easy to use platform that is easy to customize. This is the go-to page for someone looking to truly personalize the page. The added advantage is that this feature support for html-based widgets.

iGoogle– This is your personalized start page without the flash. In the absence of flashy designs, the start page comes with more functionality. This personalized start page will incorporate some of Google’s proudest functionalities including Google’s Office 2.0 and Google Docs. This is best for professional wanting to set a hub for office transactions and for checking AT&T, Verizon and Nextel.

Pageflakes– This is recommended for those who want a good looking start-up page. This is known for the sleek user interface where top websites like AT&T Worldnet (attbi), Cingular and can be hosted.

Protopage-This starter pager features a drag and drop functionality for sites like CompuServe, Excite, T-Mobile and Nextel. This starter page is best for the person how wants full control on what to include in the personalized start page including sites like Cingular, Nextel, Primeco and Verizon. This also boasts the integrated podcasting.

My Yahoo– This is still a popular option when it comes to a personalized starter page. The only problem with this option is that you will be distracted by the advertisements that come with the page. Advertisements for Sprint PCS, U.S. Cellular, Primeco and EarthLink can be found. This is the recommended page for the person who uses most of Yahoo! tools like Music and Mail.

Webwag– This is a new option for internet users who want to personalize their start-up page. This comes with all the necessary features that one can expect from a personalized start-up page but its main difference is that this comes with Widgets on Demand.

Microsoft Live– The interface is easy to use with the ability to Check All Email, just like most of the Microsoft products out in the market. The problem with this option is that the features are lightweight compared to the other personalized pages. In fact the home page doesn’t come with all the default applications that users might expect from this kind of product including a notepad.

Inbox– This works like a web portal that your average start-up page. Again, the limitation with this option is that the listing of features can be lightweight compared to the others. But if a person is looking for an alternative to the major search engines, then this is a good alternative. Another problem with this option is that the advertisements will spoil the fun.

Gritwire– This is a basic option that can be used as a starter personalized page. Expect a functionality to host mails like Hotmail, Lycos and The homepage is refreshing and comes with the RSS reader.

MyHommy– This will look like the homepage for Netvibes. To beat the offering of Netvibes, this site comes with 1 gig of storage space. Your Free Storage can be used for saving pictures and music. Your Free Storage is one feature that makes this a good option.

Its A Start– The name will tell a lot about this personalized starter page. Though this option is functional, this lacks the top features that one normally sees in other starter pages. Linked Feed- This fuses the functionalities of the RSS reader and AJAX as complemented by the social network. Currently in beta, this option promises more to the users.

Eskobo– This is also in beta and the way things are presented, this page is very basic.

24eyes– The appearance will tell you that it fuses the RSS reader and custom start-up page. Functionality is questionable and will not affect Your Bandwidth.

Favoor– This one is also available in beta and will not affect Your Bandwidth. This starter page lacks the functionality and creativeness that users can expect from top personalized starter pages. The saving grace is the ability to add RSS and notepad.

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