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Money/ Finance

Finance or investments involves the investment of funds over time in order to produce a profit. Usually finance involves a few factors including assessment, prediction and will generally take a substantial investment in order to give a return worth investing. Finance can also involve financial planning, saving and managing in order to comply with tax laws, save for retirement and more.

Personal Finance

Personal finance is usually undertaken in order to protect one’s future, set aside money for a retirement or to protect against unforeseeable events in the future. Personal finance includes investment in retirement planning or real estate planning, both of which generally involve saving money rather than investing. Individuals can expect to manage their finances, prepare to pay taxes and plan for important life events such as medical bills, savings, retirement and even the disposal of finances after death.

Investment is an important part of finance. Investment relies on researching opportunities, deciding what value they are likely to return (or their profit), deciding what taxes will be owed and the risk of the investment. There are several factors to be considered in investing and each of them is designed to ensure that the investor makes money rather than losing it. However, no analysis of a problem is perfect and many investors often lose money. Investments include those made in corporations, real estate, stocks, bonds, precious metals and more and are often conducted by individuals for a living, or by individuals using the money to further their portfolio and savings.

Corporate Finance
Corporate or business finance is that conducted by companies or corporations. This involves tax estimations, financial planning, payroll planning, investments, marketing and more. Many companies see expansions as investments, and see raising the value of their stock as an investment. For example, several large companies hire CEO’s to operate on a $1 a year paycheck, instead accepting stocks as part of their pay. This financial investment encourages the CEO to succeed and the company to grow.

Finance affects most areas of life including work, home and entertainment. Finance includes finance services where professionals including Stock Marketers, investors, analysts, accountants and bankers work to balance expenditures, manage personal and company finance as well as manage investments, either for themselves or for clients.

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