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Time Wasters

Brain teasers are puzzles that need serious level of thinking in order to arrive at a certain solution or image. Also, puzzles may also be solved using lateral thoughts. There are conventional and special ways to solve brain teasers and puzzles in general depending on the difficulty involved in it. Archimedes is known as one of the first people to use puzzles.


Brain teasers like the Jigsaw Puzzles and Mensa Workout can certainly be helpful especially in training your mind for quick calculations in real life situations. Jigsaw puzzles can be played online and it comes with smaller puzzle cuts of pictures for you to play on. Basically, these puzzle cuts will be placed on a cardboard to see if the required image is formed as needed. The Mensa Workout does not require high level of intelligence because it was devised merely for entertainment use. Online quizzes are up for users as well with Mensa Workout.

These games could help improve your mental health in every possible way. The Javanoid online is just one of the innovative versions of brain teasers which can be enjoyed by almost all people. Puzzles on dream meanings, Bubble Wrap, SodaConstructor and the Mold the President are also beneficial in every aspect. Brain teasers which involve the meanings of dreams may require certain level of common sense or analysis of the real, present and past events in an individual’s life. People taking these puzzles may deal with tons of tests as they go through the forming or solving process.

Online gaming sites like and offer free brain teasers for online users. The Gamesville brain teaser offered online is considerably an interesting game as well. Another is Wizard Trivia is another good place to start with brain teasers. Brain teasers and other puzzles are offered through this site with varied levels of difficulty.

Brain teasers are difficult to solve due to fallacy of intuition of man. This is evident in brain teasers that are related to conditional probability. Due to the difficulty of these teasers, some teasers have become famous like the Monty Hall teaser.

Have some fun with the brainteasers and riddles below. Answers are included for every one , so you can check to see how well you did. Challenge your friends, too.

  • – Features solitaire, same game, video poker, slots, and blackjack.
  • Bubble Wrap – Simply roll your mouse over the bubble wrap to see and hear a satisfying ‘pop’ as the bubble bursts.
  • Double-Speak Proverbs – These old sayings have been rewritten using big words. Can you guess which old saying?
  • Frog Leap Brainteaser – Help six little frogs get across their pond.
  • Gamesville – Free online game shows where YOU are the star. Play games, compete to win prizes, and chat live with other players from around the world!
  • Jigsaw Puzzles – Free online jigsaw puzzles with thousands of beautiful pictures and puzzle cuts.
  • Mensa Workout – Check if you will qualify to be a Mensa member.
  • Not So Hard Riddles – Warm up with some easy riddles.
  • Numbers & Initials – Each question contains a number and some initials for a commonly recognized phrase.
  • Palindromes – A palindrome is a word, phrase, verse, or sentence that reads the same backward or forward. Try out our palindrome riddles!
  • Puzzling Proverbs – New twists on old sayings
  • Puzzling Numbers – Numbers games
  • Rebus Puzzles – Word picture puzzles
  • SodaConstructor – Sodaconstructor is a construction kit for interactive creations using masses and springs.
  • Tuff Stuff Riddles – Some of these riddles are difficult
  • Wizard Trivia – The best website for the serious trivia quizzer.
  • Winter Holiday Fun – Enjoy some holiday songs and then try our Holiday Brainteaster.