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The police force is the team that is in charge of maintaining peace and security in a community. The police or cops as they are also known are allowed to use force in the conduct of their jobs within the specified region or territory and they are expected to be distinct from the military. The implementation of the law is just one of the many jobs and responsibilities of the police.

Though there are other jobs that can be performed by the police, still the main role played in many societies is to preserve the law and order. The police force is known to handle many issues of the community including the Fugitives and Child Predators. There are a number of names used to refer to the police force including the constabulary, civil guard and the law enforcement agency.

How the Police Force Is Organized
The police force is divided into different departments or categorizations. But All Police Departments are known to operate under one administration. The most common category is the uniformed police. This is the major police department that will respond to police emergencies and in managing the Americas Most Wanted.

As the name suggests, the uniformed police force will wear uniforms in the conduct of their activities and job roles. They are expected to receive firearms training and perform a number of jobs including traffic management, detaining law breakers and management of crimes in the community. In some countries, these are known as the general duty police officers.

The police force will also maintain its own set of detectives and most of the time; they will work under the Criminal Investigation Department or the CID. In many cases, detectives will comprise one fourth of the total police force. The detectives are not normally seen wearing uniforms; rather they are expected to come in business attire.

This is the same attire that is worn by the agents of CIA and FBI. They are normally working undercover in order to act on crimes and to check on the FBI Most Wanted List. They may dabble as well in the field of espionage. The detectives of the police force are known to act on the crime scene after the uniformed personnel has already conducted its checks and investigations.

There is also a team that works as part of the auxiliary. These are the police teams that can work on administrative tasks and take on Scanner Frequencies.
The police may also maintain its specialized units that may work with Interpol. These are the officers that are tasked to attend to specialized projects and crime-related issues. They can work on explosives, underwater searches and even cyber crimes.

Other reports and issues reported on TheSmokingGun are also covered by this group of police officers. Some police teams are also maintained for high risks and sensitive projects. In the United States, this team is called the SWAT team or the Special Weapons and Tactics. The police force may also work on counter-insurgency moves of the government.

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