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Major Locals

Newspapers around the world have seen a huge decline in paper subscriptions as internet websites, zines and web magazines began featuring news. Major locals including some of the top newspapers in the world struggle with declining subscribers, fewer readers and less profit.

Currently more Americans are finding news online than through newspapers, and about 27% of Americans are getting their news through mobile devices.

Many of those newspapers, including local newspapers, have begun making the switch to internet and digital media but many are also doing so slowly and either fighting the changes or not doing enough. Combined with the facts that newspapers don’t make nearly enough from digital adds and that other online websites are providing tough competition as a news source, many newspapers are facing rocky road and difficult transitions.

Experts suggest that newspapers aren’t dying but instead, will diminish in form within the next five years, and some might transfer to online only content.

Newspapers Depend On Jobs
Experts suggest that most newspapers will fail or succeed depending on the work available in an area. One such study indicated that while many newspapers were dropping in revenue, a small newspaper in a town with a sudden industrial boom increased by 20% with hiring ads and other content. This study suggests that papers should ride the times and expect profits when jobs boom.

Diversifying Adds Increased Revenues
One newspaper began focusing on its web newspaper and after diversifying web ads, increased profits by more than 50% for digital ads. Newspapers can take advantage of the internet to include diverse and targeted ads, sold to an audience that is deemed to respond to them, therefore increasing the revenue. Newspapers that diversify can target age groups, interests (sports, music, fashion, etc.), location and more.

Peace in The Newsroom
It could be said that many newspapers feature inner wars between their journalists, columnists and editors. In order to fully function in a digital environment, newspapers should work as a team, function together and create a sort of inner culture to include the digital environment.

The same study also warns newspapers away from shifting their focus too quickly. Newspapers make about 1/11th of the profit per digital ad as per paper ad meaning that it’s important to start slowly and build up a resource of online followers before fully making the switch or even thinking about cutting down on paper prints.

The most profitable venture for most newspapers is to work in both print and digital, seamlessly meshing the two together in order to cater to all types of consumers and readers. By offering digital news available on mobile and paper news delivered to the home, newspapers can join the digital age without sacrificing their highest revenue, print newspapers.

U.S. Newspapers by State
This is a list of the top 100 newspapers in the United States by daily circulation for the six month period ended March 31, 2012.[1] These figures are compiled by the Audit Bureau of Circulations.

The following does not just include newspaper circulation – it also includes “electronic editions”.

Newspaper City State Daily Circulation Sunday Circulation Owner
1 The Wall Street Journal New York New York 2,118,315 2,078,564 (Dow Jones) News Corporation
2 USA Today McLean Virginia 1,817,446 Gannett Company
3 The New York Times New York New York 1,586,757 2,003,247 The New York Times Company
4 Los Angeles Times Los Angeles California 605,243 948,889 Tribune Company
5 San Jose Mercury News San Jose California 575,786 690,258 MediaNews Group
6 The Washington Post Washington District of Columbia 507,615 719,301 The Washington Post Company
7 Daily News New York New York 530,924 584,658 Daily News, L.P.
8 New York Post New York New York 555,327 434,392 News Corporation
9 Chicago Tribune Chicago Illinois 414,590 779,440 Tribune Company
10 Chicago Sun-Times Chicago Illinois 422,335 434,861 Sun-Times Media Group
11 The Dallas Morning News Dallas Texas 405,349 702,848 A. H. Belo Corporation
12 Houston Chronicle Houston Texas 384,007 916,934 Hearst Corporation
13 Philadelphia Inquirer Philadelphia Pennsylvania 325,291 517,310 Philadelphia Media Network
14 The Arizona Republic Phoenix Arizona 321,600 538,579 Gannett Company
15 The Denver Post Denver Colorado 401,120 595,363 MediaNews Group
16 Newsday Long Island New York 298,759 362,221 Cablevision
17 Star Tribune Minneapolis Minnesota 296,605 516,134 The Star Tribune Company
18 Tampa Bay Times St. Petersburg Florida 292,441 429,048 Times Publishing Company
19 The Oregonian Portland Oregon 260,248 304,739 Advance Publications
20 The Plain Dealer Cleveland Ohio 254,372 403,001 Advance Publications
21 The Seattle Times Seattle Washington 253,742 346,991 The Seattle Times Company
22 Detroit Free Press Detroit Michigan 246,169 614,226 Gannett Company
23 San Francisco Chronicle San Francisco California 235,350 292,459 Hearst Corporation
24 The Star-Ledger Newark New Jersey 229,255 337,416 Advance Publications
25 The Boston Globe Boston Massachusetts 219,214 356,652 The New York Times Company
26 The San Diego Union-Tribune San Diego California 218,614 296,272 U-T San Diego
27 The Sacramento Bee Sacramento California 210,925 268,321 The McClatchy Company
28 The Kansas City Star Kansas City Missouri 209,258 305,113 The McClatchy Company
29 St. Louis Post-Dispatch St. Louis Missouri 196,232 360,450 Lee Enterprises
30 The Sun Baltimore Maryland 195,561 343,552 Tribune Company
31 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Milwaukee Wisconsin 194,436 333,999 Journal Communications
32 St. Paul Pioneer Press St. Paul Minnesota 193,549 254,590 MediaNews Group
33 Pittsburgh Tribune-Review Greensburg Pennsylvania 190,625 205,048 Tribune-Review Publishing Co.
34 Orlando Sentinel Orlando Florida 187,841 287,845 Tribune Company
35 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 187,237 307,932 Block Communications
36 The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Dunwoody Georgia 183,415 391,815 Cox Enterprises
37 The Orange County Register Santa Ana California 182,964 287,660 Freedom Communications
38 Arkansas Democrat-Gazette Little Rock Arkansas 182,463 260,813 WEHCO Media
39 The Indianapolis Star Indianapolis Indiana 176,232 272,798 Gannett Company
40 South Florida Sun-Sentinel Fort Lauderdale Florida 174,641 253,247 Tribune Company
41 The Miami Herald Miami Florida 173,555 217,163 The McClatchy Company
42 Las Vegas Review-Journal Las Vegas Nevada 166,182 190,308 Stephens Media
43 The Tampa Tribune Tampa Florida 164,568 262,218 Media General
44 The Cincinnati Enquirer Cincinnati Ohio 161,858 282,670 Gannett Company
45 The Record Hackensack New Jersey 156,425 175,905 North Jersey Media Group
46 The Charlotte Observer Charlotte North Carolina 155,497 212,318 The McClatchy Company
47 The Buffalo News Buffalo New York 154,748 235,227 Berkshire Hathaway
48 The Virginian-Pilot Norfolk Virginia 152,198 172,112 Landmark Media Enterprises
49 The Courier-Journal Louisville Kentucky 151,918 229,755 Gannett Company
50 Fort Worth Star-Telegram Fort Worth Texas 151,753 234,091 The McClatchy Company
51 The Oklahoman Oklahoma City Oklahoma 143,803 201,875 The Anschutz Corporation
52 The Columbus Dispatch Columbus Ohio 142,786 266,488 Dispatch Printing Company
53 Omaha World-Herald Omaha Nebraska 142,283 173,928 Berkshire Hathaway
54 The Detroit News Detroit Michigan 141,668 MediaNews Group
55 The Times-Picayune New Orleans Louisiana 141,092 158,840 Advance Publications
56 Austin American-Statesman Austin Texas 137,681 193,761 Cox Enterprises
57 The Hartford Courant Hartford Connecticut 135,283 197,406 Tribune Company
58 The Commercial Appeal Memphis Tennessee 134,562 167,399 E. W. Scripps Company
59 The News & Observer Raleigh North Carolina 134,470 190,514 The McClatchy Company
60 San Antonio Express-News San Antonio Texas 133,480 254,969 Hearst Corporation
61 The Tennessean Nashville Tennessee 128,400 222,714 Gannett Company
62 Investor’s Business Daily Los Angeles California 127,545 Investor’s Business Daily
63 Boston Herald Boston Massachusetts 123,811 87,296 Herald Media
64 The Press-Enterprise Riverside California 121,825 134,417 A. H. Belo Corporation
65 Democrat and Chronicle Rochester New York 120,037 175,146 Gannett Company
66 The Blade Toledo Ohio 119,204 150,604 Block Communications
67 Honolulu Star-Advertiser Honolulu Hawaii 119,186 132,281 Black Press
68 The Palm Beach Post West Palm Beach Florida 117,149 143,832 Cox Enterprises
69 Richmond Times-Dispatch Richmond Virginia 115,431 167,171 Berkshire Hathaway
70 Fresno Bee Fresno California 115,242 141,759 The McClatchy Company
71 The Salt Lake Tribune Salt Lake City Utah 113,032 126,525 MediaNews Group
72 The Birmingham News Birmingham Alabama 112,211 153,024 Advance Publications
73 The Des Moines Register Des Moines Iowa 108,247 211,880 Gannett Company
74 The Florida Times-Union Jacksonville Florida 107,921 159,216 Morris Publishing Group
75 Asbury Park Press Neptune City New Jersey 107,443 157,154 Gannett Company
76 Arizona Daily Star Tucson Arizona 106,057 160,496 Lee Enterprises
77 The Morning Call Allentown Pennsylvania 106,021 122,009 Tribune Company
78 Daily Herald Arlington Heights Illinois 104,053 110,824 Paddock Publications
79 La Opinión Los Angeles California 100,336 40,423 ImpreMedia
80 Knoxville News Sentinel Knoxville Tennessee 98,381 124,225 E. W. Scripps Company
81 Lexington Herald-Leader Lexington Kentucky 96,171 112,793 The McClatchy Company
82 Akron Beacon Journal Akron Ohio 94,811 124,841 Black Press
83 Grand Rapids Press Grand Rapids Michigan 94,746 151,697 Advance Publications
84 Dayton Daily News Dayton Ohio 94,709 141,692 Cox Enterprises
85 Los Angeles Daily News Los Angeles California 94,192 100,065 MediaNews Group
86 The Providence Journal Providence Rhode Island 91,804 130,659 A. H. Belo Corporation
87 Tulsa World Tulsa Oklahoma 90,499 130,805 World Publishing Company
88 Albuquerque Journal Albuquerque New Mexico 90,471 115,558 Journal Publishing Company
89 The Post and Courier Charleston South Carolina 89,224 95,379 Evening Post Publishing Company
90 The News Journal Wilmington Delaware 88,083 126,194 Gannett Company
91 Wisconsin State Journal Madison Wisconsin 87,629 119,382 Lee Enterprises
92 Press-Register Mobile Alabama 103,300 87,518 Advance Publications
93 The Times of Northwest Indiana Munster Indiana 85,405 92,984 Lee Enterprises
94 The Post-Standard Syracuse New York 84,479 140,225 Advance Publications
95 The Roanoke Times Roanoke Virginia 83,447 90,069 Landmark Media Enterprises
96 The News Tribune Tacoma Washington 83,199 97,812 The McClatchy Company
97 Sarasota Herald-Tribune Sarasota Florida 83,085 106,127 Halifax Media Group
98 Telegram & Gazette Worcester Massachusetts 82,761 The New York Times Company
99 The Advocate Baton Rouge Louisiana 82,695 104,215 Capital City Press
100 Press-Telegram Long Beach California 80,947 68,626 MediaNews Group

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