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Photo Search

Photo Search

The transfer, distribution and sharing of photos online is known as photo sharing. Internet users can transfer and share their digital photos through the use of specialized websites and apps. The function of photo search and sharing can also be facilitated by certain sites like photo blog websites. Under the concept and arrangement of photo sharing, internet users may be able to check but will not be provided with the chance to get a copy of these photos due to set rules or copyright regulations. It was in 1990s when the first few sites that offer these services popped up. The leading names and sites during the early 1990s include Yahoo! and Webshots. The pho sharing websites are known to offer different ways to check out the photos, compared to the traditional photo blogs where images are displayed chronologically. Depending on how these websites are operated, internet users will be given access to millions of photos and will allow users to manage the digital images. Because of the increasing need to upload and share photos, applications and tools were developed along the way. The services related to sharing and management of photos is not limited to the use of computers. People who are on the go will also be given the chance to access sites like Google Images and WireImage using their mobile phones. Sharing using mobile phones is now made easier thanks to increasingly modernized features like MMS and WI-FI.

How Photo Sharing Websites Operate

Websites that operate photo sharing services can be categorized into two. The first group of websites is the group that offers their services for free. The other group of websites is those that charge a fee for their services. For websites the free services websites will operate and earn without directly charging their customers. These sites will earn through advertising placements or the sites can be used to market prints. For websites that charge their customers for the services, the sites will normally implement a subscription-based model.

Right now, there are a number of specialized services that are offered online. For example, there are websites that offer photo finishing services online. These websites can provide high quality services that cannot be matched by home-based services and printing. The common arrangement is that the interested customer will need to upload the photos and will order the prints. The website will then deliver the final products through the mail.

Some websites will offer their services for a fee, without the usual advertisements. Some of these websites have integrated other services, including posting and sharing of videos. Some internet users can bypass the use of top websites like Alta Vista Photos and to find the images that they are looking for. Peer-to-peer networks make it possible to upload and share photos for free. Right now, even social media websites have proven their worth in helping internet users share photos. Users no longer need to use the usual sites like Lycos Photos and NewsMakers, rather what they will simply do is to use social media websites and start sharing these images. Another important development is the use of mobile phones that can be used to access sites like UPI Photos and related websites. Users can instantly share from their mobile phones.

Following is a list of major photo-sharingwebsites.

Please note the list is non-exhaustive, but is limited to notable, well known sites.

Name Description/Focus/Registration requirements Registered users Storage Space Allowed Per User (standard) Global Alexa page ranking
imgbox free image hosting, no registration required, Unknown Unlimited storage, 10MB maximum file size, Hotlinking 3,030
Bayimg free image hosting, no registration required, uncensored Unknown Unlimited storage for 547×410 pix reduced images 11,799
Bilddagboken Free image hosting, registration required 1,291,500 Unlimited storage for 547×410 pix reduced images, also unlimited resolution and size for paying BDB HD users, costing approximately equivalent to $10.5 a year 3,619
DeviantART free image hosting, registration required 13,000,000 (unlimited) 30MB per image 121
ePHOTOzine free photo hosting community, registration required 153,000 unlimited 13,101
Flickr Open (Yahoo! login) 51,000,000 300MB monthly upload limit (15MB per photo),max 200 images viewable (free account). If a free account is inactive for 90 consecutive days, it will be deleted. 33
Fotki Free registration photo sharing service and communication portal. 1,250,000 50MB for free, unlimited storage for $30/year 2,905
Fotolog Photoblogging. Popular in South America. 15,000,000 The free version is ad-supported, and limits users to uploading one picture per dayPaying members can upload up to 6 pictures a day 150
GazoPa Bloom flower photo sharing service Unknown ? 323,778
ImageShack 6th largest photo hosting service. Registration is required. Unknown 500 images limit and 5 MB per image (Free users), unlimited storage and 10 MB per image (Premium users). 135 Free image hosting, images removed if not viewed in the last 30 days. Unknown No user registration. 17,934
Imgur Free image hosting, no registration required. Unknown 250 visible images for free accounts. Unlimited for pro accounts. 88
Ipernity Photo/video sharing, Groups, Blog Unknown Unlimited image display/storage for paying users (200MB p/month upload, only last 1000 displayed with free account) 17,240
Jalbum free hosting of galleries created with Jalbum software 340,000 30MB of space given for free accounts, upgrade to 1gb space for €19/year 10,045
Kodak Gallery
(Closed 7/2/2012)
free registration service, archiving photo service for $25/year (Closing-down on July 2, 2012; all accounts being moved over to Shutterfly) 20,000,000 used to be unlimited low-resolution, paid users can download high-res images that they’ve uploaded. New minimum purchase requirements 3/09: $4.99/yr for 2GB or less, $19.99/yr for more than 2GB. (Closing-down on July 2, 2012; all accounts being moved over to Shutterfly) 1,625
Lafango Free Registration, customizable galleries & folders. Unknown Unlimited storage 36,194
Lockerz free registration service 19,000,000 Unlimited uploads for all users; 5MB per image 350
Memeo Share Free photo and video exchanging software, files are shared desktop to desktop without being resized. Unknown 1GB is free, Premium account is $4.95 a month 84,797
MobileMe Web Gallery subscription service. Ended June 30, 2012 180,000 10GB (standard level) 921
Ovi Share Nokia’s multimedia sharing service, formerly called Twango 2,000,000 unlimited, pay per download 1,128
Panoramio free registration service 4,700,000 Unlimited provided the photos comply with the Google Earth Photo Acceptance Policy 785
Phanfare subscription-based photo sharing Unlimited storage. Subscription accounts only. Bought out by Carbonite. 31,830
Photobucket free registration service 50,000,000 Unlimited free storage, 1 MB per photo and 10 Min per video (With image size restrictions) No size restrictions with Pro account. With a free account, you can use up to 10GB of bandwidth per month. 39
Photoshop Focused on for managing, editing, storing, and sharing photos online, with personal URL, Mobile access, tutorials, help etc. Currently US-only, works from any Flash-enabled browser but Adobe Photoshop Elements 7 or Adobe Premiere Elements 7 users can also use it directly. Unknown Two levels of membership: the Basic level is free with 2GB space and the option to purchase additional storage starting at $19.99 per year. The Plus level costs $69.99 per year with 20 GB included storage space, and $129.99 per year with 100GB and requires either Adobe Photoshop Elements 7 or Adobe Premiere Elements 7 to use Organizer. 35,380
Picasa Web Albums free registration service, 500,000 1 GB free storage for photos and videos, then plans start at $2.49/month for additional storage. Photos smaller than 2048×2048 pix (Google+ users only) or 800×800 pix and videos less than 15 minutes in length do not count toward storage limit. Photos uploaded beyond the storage limit will automatically be resized. 256 free registration service Unknown ? 1,362
Pinterest Photo sharing/social networking 11,700,000 60 Free registration. Radar shut down on May 26, 2010 at noon. Unknown ? 77,065 Unknown Unknown ? 1,632,594
Shutterfly free registration service 2,000,000 Free, unlimited picture storage. Full resolution downloads only possible via purchase of archive DVD. 1,968
SmugMug Free search, subscription hosting, $40/year (Standard); $60 (Power); $150 (Pro); too 315,000 “unlimited” storage, 12MB per photo (Standard /Power), 24 MB per photo (Pro) Owner control over download of original resolution image. 1,945
Snapfish free registration service, also provides services for Costco’s online photo processing store 90,000,000 unlimited, pay per download 2,208
Streamzoo Mobile photosocial game, free registration service, unlimited storage and sharing, available on Apple iOS, Android and Web Unknown unlimited 102,707
TinyPic free image hosting, no registration required Unknown No known limit, but largest image dimension limited to 1600 pixels 168
Webshots free registration service (discontinued December 1, 2012 including paid) 32,000,000 One 800×600 image per day 450
Woophy free registration service 26,410 ? 100,895
Zooomr no registration service since 2007; users are no longer accepted 100,000 Unlimited uploads and unlimited storage for ALL users. 19,101