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Int’l Pages

International Pages / Calling
International calling is any call placed between one country and another and can include overseas or same continent calls. Usually more expensive due to long distance rates, international calls can be placed via mobile phone, landline or VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) for different rates.

Placing international calls varies per country due to restrictions that may or may not be in place, but will usually involve one of the following methods.

Country Code – If you have a landline, VOIP phone or international enabled mobile phone, you can place international calls by dialing the country code and then the number. The call will connect as usual.

Calling Card – Many phones do not allow international calling but it is usually possible to purchase a calling card for the purpose. Most of the time, simply entering the digits on the card will get you the number of international calling minutes that you have purchased. However, this doesn’t work with all phones so you should check with your phone provider to verify.

Call Forwarding Services – This is usually the cheapest international calling method using a traditional phone. Use either a mobile or a landline phone to dial the number of a calling service, use their selection to select the country and then dial the number. You will most likely call the phone from a local number, meaning that you only pay local calling rates.

VOIP Services – Voice over Internet Protocol uses internet transmitted phone signals to make cheaper international calls. It’s possible to place VOIP international calls via a computer, via an app or through a phone made to work with a VOIP router. VOIP services usually charge a fraction of traditional mobile charges but can be costly to initially set up if you purchase a router or modem.

There are a few rules to consider when calling internationally. The first is that most unlimited international plans will actually limit to around 3,000 minutes per month. The second is that it is cheaper and easier to call international same continent phones such as Mexico or Canada from the U.S. or anywhere in Europe from France.

International Dialing Codes Widget – If you need to make a phone call to someone in another country and you are not quite sure how to dial the number, this widget may help.

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