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In many industries and businesses, it is a requirement to track and locate the past and present locations of products. The process of tracking through tracking tools or software is part of the general business intention to manage business the right way. There are a number of ways in which the concept of tracking can help the business. For example, this can be used by a service company as a way to track the location and the destination of service vehicles and trucks that are part of the company’s fleet. There will be a database or software that will track in real time the status and location of the vehicles. The tracking capability can also help companies track the movement of goods and products, for example how products are moving relative to time and location. This is the same tracking technology that is used by leading shippers around the world including Airborne, Canada Post Office and DHL.

Use of Tracking Numbers In order for the tracking process to work, the use of tracking numbers will be implemented. Tracking numbers will make it easier for clients and customers to easily track the packages and products in real time. The use of the tracking numbers are normally used for sensitive packages. Some of the global companies like FedEx and SOS Global will make use of these tracking numbers as a way to manage the shipping of products and packages. In the United States, there are at least two companies that make use of this technology and system. Companies like US Postal Service and UPS make use of the system. Under the system that is used by UPS, the tracking number used will usually start with ‘1Z’ and this will be followed by six more characters. Technology That Comes With the Tracking Technology There is now a standard that is used when it comes to tracing and tracking of products and packages. The new system is now used for a number of industries and has been implemented to cover a number of products and packages. If these products and packages are considered as compatible with the system, then the technology of tracking and tracing will work. There are a number of reasons why tracking and tracing are used, but in most cases the concept called tracking and tracing are used in the wage of many product recalls. It’s easier to locate products and packages that are subjected to recalls. The core technology that is used in the process of tracing and tracking is the Radio Frequency Identification and the use of bar-coding. At the start the use of the RFID was not popular due to cost constraints but right now, its use is increasing across industries. A similar technology is called bar-coding. This is considered as a cost-effective option when it comes to traceability. In order to trace packages and products, shippers will generally maintain websites where customers can verify and trace the shipped products and packages. Right now, even the smart phones can be used when tracking the packages and products. Track Packages

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