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Aviation will refer to all the processes and procedures related to the use of aircrafts. There are different applications for aviation that includes civil aviation, general aviation and military aviation. When it comes to civil aviation, this will refer to the general aviation requirements of the general public that will not include aircrafts associated with the military.

The largest manufacturers of aircrafts in the world that one normally sees in Airports are part of this category. The different companies will have different domains when it comes to the design and manufacture of aircrafts. Some companies focus on jets and some on regional airlines.

Another category is called general aviation that can be controlled by the FAA. This will refer to unscheduled flights for commercial and private use. Aircraft Vital Stats under general aviation will include trainings, charter flights, aircraft used for agricultural projects, traffic and the like are included in general aviation.

Different countries will have their own take on how to regulate the aviation industry. The other important category in aviation is military aviation. The industry started with the use of balloons that are used for surveillance but right now, the military aviation has grown by leaps and bounds.

There are different types of aircraft that are used for military purposes. Some of the general types of aircrafts used in the military industry include the firefighter, ground attack aircraft and bombers.

Just like other modes of transportation, aircrafts are also involved in accidents, called aviation accidents. and Crash Database will list down some important details and information related to these types of accidents.

The aviation industry is managed by Air Traffic Control or ATC that ensures that all aircrafts will be at a manageable and safe distance from each other. NTSB News and Tail Number Database and other related websites pay attention to this aspect of aviation. But not all flights as indicated on should talk with the ATC.

Just like other industries, there are concerns regarding the pollution that can be provided by aircrafts. Green house emissions are produced that should be managed. Also, chemicals and compounds are produced in the atmosphere that needs to be managed.

Aviation Resources:

Aviation Flight Schools – Directory

Aircraft Vital Stats –  Biggest and most visited aviation site on the Internet. Our community of users includes airline crew members, airline management, airplane fans, air travelers, aviation photographers, aircraft enthusiasts and avid airline fans. – Plane crash, airline safety, airline security, and baggage restriction information for the traveling public.– The source for current aviation information and weather featuring a comprehensive airport directory that includes all current instrument approach procedures, local maps and detailed business information.

CEP, Communications Ear Protection, Inc. – CEP makes auxiliary hearing pieces that adapt to normal headsets and are among the very best solutions to ambient noise. Even better, they are inexpensive. We use them.

Vintage Aircraft Manuals They have manuals for all types of civilian and military airplanes and engines. An invaluable resource.

Aircraft Manufacturers Listing. List_of_aircraft_manufacturers_M-P here’s an all inclusive listing of aircraft manufacturers from Wikipedia

Density Altitude Calculator. This is an online calculator that lets you change all the different variables and see what your density altitude actually is in any situation. You’ll learn a lot playing with it.

Great Circle Mapper –  The next time you’re laying out a trip from Omaha to Berlin in your 172, this will let you calculate the actual great circle distance.

Airfoils on Different Airplanes. Lots of times we wonder what airfoil a given airplane uses, okay maybe not all of us do, but when you get an urge for an airfoil technology fix, this is the place to look.

Wings over Kauai – Looking for something a little different than a standard helicopter tour of Kauai? Wings Over Kauai invites you to experience a safe and comfortable scenic airplane tour of one of the most beautiful Islands in the world.

Pilot’s Web – Aviation chat room. The Aviator’s Journal

Future Flyers Club – Kid aviation clothing and gifts. “Hoping your dreams take flight!” A great place to find the perfect gift for all of the “future flyers” in your household.

Aviation Jobs– Aviation jobs. Hundreds of hot and hard to find aviation employment opportunities worldwide

Warbird Adventures – Warbird rides in Florida. Fly the “Pilot Maker,” the North American T-6 “Texan.” Choose the aerobatic option and see central Florida upside down!

Globalair– An Aviation portal containing several aviation related applications including flight planning and an electronic log-book.

Greatest Aviation Links – Aviation websites from around the world. Very comprehensive link site, in Dutch and English.

Private 2 – is the largest online search engine for flight schools and rental aircraft. We also contain valuable information on starting your career as a professional pilot.

Jetzone 2000 – Military Aviation Photography, Maple Flag, Tiger Meet, Russian AF in the DDR, Airshows, Wallpapers and more..

Virtual Flight Surgeons, Inc.. – FAA Medical Waiver Experts. VFS provides Confidential Aeromedical Certification Info & FAA Pilot Medical Waiver assistance. FREE FAA medical policies & medication lists. 9,900+ aviation/safety/medical links. Fast secure E-mail responses to inquires by expert pilot/physician staff.

Chicken Wings Aviation Cartoon Watch the employees of the small airline Roost-Air struggle through the day! Not only for pilots! See how the aviation business REALLY works!

Top 100 Flight Sim Sites – Flight Sim Listing. Your ultimate resources for great flight sim, free flight sim games, free flight sim downloads, forums, tips, galleries, and more.

Plane Spotting Zone – Website dedicated to civil aviation, plane spotting and photography. Extensive photo gallery. Airline-, airport and aviation links. 1500+ High Quality slides for sale.

Target Aviation Photography Aviation Photography by Philip Stevens. 1000+ images (mostly action); Features on Airshows, Low Level, Air to Air and Base Visits. Bias towards military aircraft and photographic ideas/

Air Extreme The Gallery of unusual military aircraft and helicopter pictures and videos.

FS – Aviation Encyclopedia Military and civil aircraft pictures, videos, background information, schematics, specifications and performance data.

Aircraft Photographs and Air Displays by Roger Whitcomb Over 3500 Military Aviation Action Pictures Plus FREE Screensavers, Wallpapers, Email, E-cards, Forums, E-Jigsaw Puzzles, Games, Chat, Awards, Competitions, Topsites List, Military Aviation Mouse Cursors

Global Aircraft – Global Aircraft offers information and photographs on planes from all over the world as well as fun interactive games, tests, webmaster interaction, forum, awards, and much more!

Zap– Pics, Facts, Downloads, FS2004 and Aviation News

Fighters and Military Aircraft –  Over 100 fighter planes and military aircraft with their technical information and picture. Also 3D VRML models of jets to download, a FAQ explaining Stealth, and aviation links.

SimNetWork –  Thousands of freeware downloads for fs2004/fs2002/cfs2/cfs3/il2 sturmovik , Latest fsnews, market, tutorials, photogallery, faq & forum.

Aviation Engine Manufacturers Listing Aviation/aircraft engine manufacturer. Lots of esoteric information you probably don’t need but would never find, if you did.

Propeller Calculator – Propeller tip speed calculator Not sure how much prop your engine can turn before the tips go supersonic? This will tell you.

Kens Aviation Photography Over 1000 original photos of hundreds of different aircraft types. Info on aircraft, engines, museums, airshows and airlines. New stuff being added all the time!

F22 Raptor -F-22 Raptor specifications and photography. F22 Raptor- *downloads, *opinions, *original games, *backgrounds, *movies, *interactive tutorials in flash, *polls, *all information there is to know about the F-22, and TONS more!!!!!!

Thirty Thousand Feet – Aviation Directory. A huge categorized aviation directory with links to sources of commercial, military, and general aviation information: photo sites, flight sim resources, pilot and crew resources, aviation news, ATC, aviation gifts & products, and other online resources

Your Captain Speaking Wisdom with humor through the eyes of the fearless aviator. Funny stuff.

Great Aviation e-Cards, special flash cards for airline crew American Bonanza Society Beechcraft Bonanza Organization

Bellanca-Champion Club – Club for Bellanca Cruiseairs, Cruisemasters, Vikings and Citabrias

Tailwheel Association Tailwheel training organization that supports most airplane types.
Another one to support. They reach out and encompass most airplanes, regardless of type, if they have a tailwheel.

National Aeronca Association Association for Aeronca Chiefs, Champs and Sedans

Aeronca Aviators Club Association for all those who fly and enjoy Aeronca aircraft

Short Wing Piper Club Focuses on short wing Pipers (obviously!), Vagabond, Clippers, Pacers, Tripacer,
One of the most active and important type clubs. Everyone is welcome.

Cessna 120/140 Association Cessna 120, Cessna 140 organization for support. Don’t think about being interested in these airplanes without joining. Lots of good tech support.

The Bucker Pages – Jungmanns and Jungmiester reference and support site