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See Hear News Now

See Hear News Now

The reporting of facts and its distribution on the web is called online journalism. The practice and development of online journalism was started by The News & Observer of North Carolina. It is also said that Nando was another leader when it comes to online journalism. Online journalism and the sharing of news on the web started to grow in 1990s. An important website, Salon was started in 1995. This is an important website cited for its contribution in online journalism. Up until this time, the development of online journalism has been growing. It was in 2008 that online journalism started to grow in importance since this was the year when people start to rely heavily on the news online instead of the traditional sources of news like newspapers and other publications. People are now looking at the web as the main source of news due to a number of reasons including speed and convenience.

Though online journalism is popular, still there are some issues that have been hounding the industry. For example, some media outfits that share online news like Feedroom and RealNetworks have shared concerns regarding poor financial standing. Before the start of 2008, there were hopes that online news gathering and delivery will be financially rewarding. But after 2008, it was noted that the rewards are not that great and this was due to the slowing down of the demand for online advertising. To validate this kind of observation, the Pew Project for Excellence in Journalism has officially noted that 2008 is one of the lowest times in era. Though the future is bleak, many media outfits like Yahoo Radio managed to expand their operations. The hope is that online advertising will simply pick up in the near future. In some cases, the internet is used as a secondary source for news. For example, the Online News Association with its 1700 members is involved in gathering and the delivery of news that can be distributed on the web. The popularity of online journalism hits the traditional media in many ways. For example, the traditional media or newspapers and other published materials will lose its classified advertising. Newspapers are also slowly losing much of its readership.

Online Journalism Opens Up Work to Outsiders
An important effect of the popularity of online journalism is the entry of non-professionals into the field. In a research made by the Pew Research Center, it was found out that people are increasing their dependence on the web for news. Based on the results of the survey, roughly 13 percent of the US population relies on the web for news and this section of the population is composed of mostly young professionals and students. They normally tap on news through Yahoo TV and other media outlets through the use of their mobile devices. The rise of online journalism also paved the way for the entry of bloggers. Some of the tools used online for this type of journalism include forums, chats and discussion boards. Other independent media forms like internet radio and Podcasts are getting attention as well.




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