Entertainment will refer to an activity or event that will arouse enthusiast and interests. Entertainment is made by a group of people who take part in a private recreation. This can be defined as passive or active. In the Web, most of the entertainment can be considered as passive. For example, the checking of Archive or reading the charts including Billboard Latin Songs, Adult Top 40 and BILLBOARD HOME PAGE can be considered as passive entertainment. Also reading of entertainment and news stories as posted on Heatseekers, Entertainment Weekly and E! Online can be considered as passive entertainment. There was a time when entertainment can be considered gruesome. Even public punishments then were considered as entertainment. Entertainment is also considered as a form of education. Even the checking of Variety Music and Film on the web can be considered as education. People will also learn about the latest trends if they check the Digital Songs and People Profiles. In some cases, this can serve its role in promoting the value of intelligence.

Music Entertainment
There are different types of entertainment, and music is one. Music comes in different genres and one form of entertainment for many people is checking the latest hits and ranking of songs through charts and countdowns like R&B/Hip-Hop, Modern Rock and The Billboard 200. The musical entertainment can also come in many forms and may be supported by different instruments. The musical performance can be delivered by a solo performer or can be performed in group. There will be different expectations in the delivery of music, with some events asking the viewers to simply relax and listen to the performance. But in most part, music appreciation comes in the appreciation of the popular songs as listed on Dance – Club Play, Hot Rap Albums, Hot Country and Pop Catalog.

Games as Form of Entertainment
People play games as form of entertainment. Some of the common and traditional games that are played include a host of board games, video games, different forms of ball games and even online casino games. Video games are getting popular right now thanks to the availability of different game consoles. Some of the games as discussed on GameHouse and in Addicting Games are intellectually stimulating, like Rubik’s Cube.

There are different genres available in literature that can also promote entertainment. Specials and publications like TV Guide and Spin are forms of entertainment.

Right now comedy comes in many forms, launched with a Premiere and seen on Television and The Daily. But before, comedy shows are performed differently. In the past, comedy shows are showcased on the stage and theater.

Other Types of Entertainment
There are important types of entertainment including theater, film and cinema. Today, movies are big source of entertainment with some of the best titles indicated in Internet Movie Db, Movieline, Weekly Features and TV Show Tickets. Just like following music and checking the Social 50 Albums , people also love the idea of checking the best movies through Box Office Charts.

To find out the entertainment that the love, people will look at charts and listings like Top Sales, The Hot 100, Internet Sales and Top Video Rentals. Different people will have different forms of entertainment, with some going for Country and MP3 while others going for Screen Junkies, TV, reading Rolling Stone or checking Zap2it.com.