TV Network Schedules

The emergence of cable television networks has certainly brought significant changes to media and culture. Television networks come in diverse forms depending on the information or content they channel to their target audience. Each of these networks follows Cable and Dish schedules systematically. There are networks that cover news and updates on current events. Others are designed for production and distribution of television programs and made-for-television motion pictures. These networks have expanded their coverage as it covers sports events, commercial events and historical happenings.

History of Television Networks

Radio broadcasting was the predecessor of television broadcasting in the United States. Radio stations did not have enough capabilities to ensure wider scope of broadcasting. This has led to the formation of experimental television networks capable of broadcasting both video and audio signals. Three of the most dominant television networks in the United States include CBS, ABC and NBC. FOX was able to meet up the level of these three big names in the broadcasting industry. Others like UPN and BW have significantly contributed to broadcasting as well even for a shorter period of time.

Columbia Broadcast System popularly known as CBS was founded by William Paley in 1928. CBS network is considered as the second oldest network in the state. The television network has wide coverage capability and stations ranging from television studios, consumer products, news and entertainment, and sports network. It has entered the world of recording as it purchase the American Record Corp. However, CBS was then acquired by Viacom. The network has fared well with a good reputation.

ABC television network is a television network designed for commercial broadcasting in the U.S. The network is owned by Walt Disney Co. whose headquarter is located in New York City. ABC has ventured into programming of entertainment shows and new operations as well. The network is sometimes called as Alphabet Network as its name implies.

NBC operates in the U.S. and offers almost all types of television programs including reality shows. Radio Corporation of America (RCA) has created NBC in 1926. The network uses a peacock logo making it sometimes recognized as Peacock Network. Current shows offered at NBC network include “America’s Got Talent” and “Dateline.”

FOX Broadcasting Co. is one of the leading market players in the U.S. With its unique programming style, the network has expanded by keeping a connection with over 200 stations. FOX network broadcasts a number of premiere television programs like the popular American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance.
UPN, short for United Paramount Network (UPN), has begun its operation in 1995 in the U.S. Viacom/Paramount was the original owner of the network. The merging of UPN and WB has led to the closure of the UPN. It recently became the CW network.

WB Television Network was introduced in 1995 and was closed in 2006. The network has changed its operation from television network into internet television network.

Regulations of Television Networks
Television networks’ operations in the U.S. are governed by regulations implemented by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC). FCC has limited the media ownership concentration of these networks.FCC also implemented the Prime Time Access Rule which limits the number of programming hours of television networks.

The creation of television networks with its Cable and Dish Schedules have played significant role in keeping people aware of what’s happening in the country. It continuous to keep people as it provides informative and entertaining shows.

 TV Network Schedules

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