PR News Wire

PR News Wire

Started in 1954, the PR News Wire is a firm that has expertise in public relations and the sending out of releases. When the firm started, its primary job was to send out press release contents to different media organizations and representatives. The organization has grown to a large organization that is tapped by corporate big-wigs, government and non-governmental organizations to disseminate news, press releases and other contents that may serve the purpose of the requesting agencies or organizations. Right now, the captive market of the organization spans different niches and industries. Consumers, business owners and even investors pay attention to the services of the organization including the most popular news. The organization makes use of different channels to deliver the information and press releases to targeted customers and organizations. Traditionally, the organization makes use of the tools that come with the web and equities terminals. The team also delivers the news directly to the newsrooms of media organizations. The company is currently headquartered in Lower Manhattan, New York City.

The services that are provided by PR News Wire are required and needed by many public corporations in different countries including Canada, United States and United Kingdom. The services provided by the organization can help organizations and companies to reach different communities that may be important to the nature of business and operations of the requesting company or business. Aside from its headquarters in New York, the organization also maintains office locations in at least 16 countries and the content and press releases that the organization produces are then submitted and sent to at least 135 countries. PR News Wire also maintains a number of brands under its stable including the eWatch, MEDIAtlas, ProfNet, US Newswire, MediaSense, MediaRoom and MultiVu. The organization is well-respected in the industry and has maintained networks and linkages with top media organizations including Dow Jones, Thomson Reuters, Associated Press and Bloomberg. The organization is affiliated with the United Business Media Limited.

Important Developments
PR News Wire changed management and features a rich history. The company was sold to Western Union. The organization was also one of the leaders when it comes to the use of new technologies related to news gathering and creation. It was in 1972 when the organization adapted the use of electronic terminals and it further went digital in 1978. The organization changed hands once again in 1982 as purchased by United Newspapers PLC which is now known as the United Business Media of London which is still the current owner of the organization. The company started the delivery of contents and press releases directly to consumers in 1996. This was the time when the official website was launched where customers can Search Releases and Search by Company.

The organization also dabbled in filmmaking thanks to its partnership with Touchstone Pictures for ‘Pearl Harbor’. From 2002, PR News Wire started its expansion by taking in new companies. Some of the latest acquisitions include MultiVu (2002), US Newswire (2006) and Notilog (2007). PR News Wire also acquired Xinhua (2008) naming it PR Newswire Asia.

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