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Crossword Puzzles

These are the types of puzzles that come up with square or rectangular designs that feature black or white squares. The main idea behind these puzzles is to come up with answers on the white slots that should form words or phrases depending on the clues provided.

The black or shaded spaces are used to separate the answers so that answers will make sense. The start of the answers in the form of phrases and words will be denoted by a number, for example 1 across. Sometimes, the leading crosswords like Crossword and NY Times Crossword Puzzles will also include abbreviations instead of words.

Grid Types
There are different types of grids that are used for the different and major puzzles including CrosswordHelper. In many regions, the square grid will come with solid areas and the letters are checked. Also, in these crosswords like the ones available in NY Newsday will come up with answers that are at least three words.

In other countries like Australia and Britain, the crossword puzzles will come with a lattice design, which comes with more shaded squares. It is also a common practice to come up with a slightly different puzzle design where there is 180-degree symmetry. In Japan, the crossword puzzles are designed differently.

For example, the shaded cells or blocks should not share the sides and white should be used on the corner squares. There is also the so-called Swedish design in the making of the crossword puzzles.

There are also different designs that are used in puzzles. In most cases, the crossword puzzles may come in the 15×15 configuration. But during the weekends, major publications like USA Today and Washington Post will come up with a larger sized puzzle that can measure 21×21 or 23x 23. It is also a common practice to come up with puzzles on a daily basis with increasing difficulty.

The trend is to come up with the easiest puzzles on Monday going on to the rest of the week. By practice, the easiest comes on Monday and Tuesday which can rival puzzles available at Student Crossword Archive and But for difficult puzzles, Saturdays and Sundays are the best for Tons more Crosswords.

Crossword Puzzle Maker Websites:

  • Crossword Puzzle Maker– You can fill out a form that will generate a crossword puzzle from the terms and clues that you enter. It literally takes seconds to make a high-quality puzzle.
  • Crossword Puzzle Games– You can create your own crossword puzzle here by entering up to 20 words and hints.