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Text messaging is the process of sending short messages between two or more mobile phones. Though the original meaning of the term calls for the sending of short message service, through the years text messaging involved the sending of sound and video contents. There are at least two parties involved in this type of messaging- the texter and the recipient. The message is normally called ‘text’. Aside from a two-way communication tool between people, the technology can be used as well in business and marketing. There is a limit to the number of characters that can be included in the text messages.

Uses of Text Messaging
There are a number of uses for text messaging. In some areas, text messaging is used as a cheaper alternative to voice calls. In some areas, text messages are also used to manage and control household appliances. Flash SMS is also used for emergency situations and this type of message will not be automatically stored in the mobile phone.

The influence and benefits of text messaging will differ from country to country. In Asia, text messaging is considered as the most important feature of mobile phones. In the United States, teens use text messaging for a number of purposes. In fact in one survey of mobile phone use, the half of the teens in the US sends at least 50 text messages every day. In the Philippines, text messaging was used for political purposes. The Philippines is an important market for texting since on average, the mobile phone users in the country send 400 million messages a day that can be translated to 142 billion messages yearly. Text messaging is also popular in India where the younger generations make use of this form of messaging for a number of purposes including travel bookings and mobile banking.

Different Applications of Text Messaging
Text messaging can be used in micro blogging. Through the use of messaging, members of social networking sites can post their ideas and statuses for the day. This is made possible by social media websites like Twitter.

Text messaging is also tapped for emergency purposes. There are some regions where text messages can be used to contact emergency services. These services are normally offered to give those with disability the opportunity to contact support or emergency assistance.

These are also used to remind people regarding their appointment with the doctors. Through the use of text messaging as offered by companies like Metrocall and MobileComm, patients will be reminded of their appointments thus helping save.

Social Impact of Text Messaging
Thanks to the services offered by Arch, PageNet and Blackberry, people can now communicate in a different manner. What was once impossible was made possible. Communication are no longer just about face-to-face interactions, people can simply send messages using the services of Ameritech and SkyTel if they want to. This is also more convenient if there are issues related to face to face interactions. If there are some benefits, there were concerns as well. some people say that text messaging affects the development of language and texting while driving is considered a safety issue.

Services to Send text Messages from the Internet

  • Ameritech – Now known as AT&T Inc. The largest provider both of mobile telephony and of fixed telephony in the United States.
  • – Get your phone contacts on the Bloove site, and then log in and manage them as well as send them text messages directly from the site.
  • – GizmoSMS lets you send texts to users in over 50 countries an a slew of carriers inside each of those. While it is free to use, it does not allow space for identifying yourself except inside the body of the text.
  • – This one requires the person you wish to text to have the widget (like the one pictured above) installed on their blog or social networking profile, but if it’s there, you can text the member if they live in one of any 38 countries.
  • – Not only can you text people, you can schedule them for later delivery.
  • – a HIPAA-compliant appointment reminder system. Allows users to send appointment reminder messages and confirmations to help reduce no-shows.
  • – A service for small groups to SMS each other at once; accessible via iPhone as well as by the web.
  • Yahoo Mobile – Yahoo Mobile lets you send and receive phone text messages; you will not be charged for sending the SMS; but the recipient might be charged the standard messaging rates for receiving or replying.
  • Yellowpipe – Mainly a web host, but they happen to offer a quick and easy SMS feature when you just have to get out a text quickly. They do allow you to enter a return number.
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