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A journalist’s online glossary of religion
A developing list by Allan Andrews.

Anti-Arab Sentiment
The Southern Poverty Law Center has been chronicling the growing backlash against American Arabs and Muslims since the September 11 terrorist attacks.
The site also provides statistics on Arab Americans including a primer on Islam and the basic tenets of the religion.

Anti-Defamation League
Dedicated to “combating anti-Semitism and bigotry of all kinds.” Features a breaking news portion, searchable news archive, and “debunking Internet rumors” section. Many full-text publications also available.

B’nai B’rith
International organization with the goal of “uniting Jews in service to their community and the world.” The site contains event listings and a business and professionals directory searchable by location.

Barna Research Center
Updated throughout each month, this site provides information on current trends in religion based on original research. Barna is a full-service marketing research company located in Ventura, California.

BBC Guide to World Religions
Information about the world’s six major religions-Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity and Sikhism. Detailed and easy to navigate.

Bible (King James Version)
The Holy Bible (King James version), searchable!

Bible (Revised Standard Version)
Includes 18 books of the Apochrypha, also searchable.

Bible Gateway
Six searchable versions of the Bible, in 10 languages.

Buddhist Digital Library & Museum
Buddhist information in journals and books. A reference page links to Buddhist dictionary terms. From National Taiwan University.

Catholic Hierarchy Guide
Search or browse current and historical figures in the Catholic Church. You can search by diocese or name or country. Also lists important Catholic religious events of the day.

Congressional Quarterly Terrorism Resources
Congressional Quarterly has assembled a set of resources for finding information on Terrorism, Islamic Fundamentalism, and the Middle East Conflict, from past CQ Press sources and encyclopedia articles.

Ethics and Public Policy Center
Research and commentary on policy issues from the perspective of Judeo-Christian moral values. Led by Elliott Abrams, former assistant secretary of state.

Evangelical Christian Media Sources
A useful list of Evangelical Christian colleges and other sources. From a former journalist, Brad Haugaard.

Finding God in Cyberspace
A theology professor’s guide to resources for religion research online, including people, books, academic disciplines, various religions, and “interaction between religion and digital culture.”

GAO report on tax-exempt organizations
In PDF format, this GAO report from April 2002 gives a detailed introduction to the IRS Form 990 and regulation of nonprofit organizations.

Hindu Resources Online
Facts about the religion, updates on art, music, culture and travel and a link to HPI, the Hindu Press International. Islamic Search Engine
Islamic Search Engine & Directory offering complete Islam topical and geographical coverage, excellent search facilities as well a Bilingual directory in English and Arabic

Islam Online
Online magazine that provides information on the Islamic culture. Find translations of the Qur’an (the Koran) as well articles on contemporary issues such as politics, economics, society, art and culture and science and technology as they relate to Muslims.

Islamic Studies, Islam, Arabic, and Religion
Dr. Alan Godlas, professor of Religion at the University of Georgia, has gathered a host of scholarly articles on Islam and addresses how the terrorist attacks carried out on September 11, belies the basic tenets of the religion.

Jewish Hotsites
Many links to Jewish and Judaism related sites.

New Testament Gateway
A portal for scholarly work on the New Testament.

PBS Religion and Ethics Newsweekly
Feature stories on various religions, discussion of current ethical issues and a calendar highlighting holidays from all of the world’s religions.

Qur’an (the Koran)
From M.H. Shakir’s translation.

Religion and public broadcasting
A collection of articles from Current, which covers public broadcasting.

Religion journalism on the WWW
Links to examples of religion journalism, as well as helpful Web links.

Religion Newswriters Association
RNA was formed in 1949 to advance the professional standards of religion reporting in the secular press through education, contests and mentoring.

Religionsource: The Journalists’ Shortcut to 5,000 Scholars
A free resource for journalists seeking scholars on religion. More than 5,000 scholars in more than 1,400 areas of expertise. Search by topic area, scholar name or look through database.

Religious Tolerance
Descriptions of world religions and their histories. More than 45 faiths discussed including Christianity, Noepagan religions, non-Christian faiths, “destructive, doomsday cults” and other ethical groups. Loads of information.

Resources on Arab-Americans
The American Arab Anti Discrimination Committee has provided a resource guides for finding information on Arab Americans, listing updated resources and reference works as well as an annotated bibliography on anti-Arab discrimination, stereotyping, and hate crimes.
Also included is a biliography of leading scholars on the Arab world and Islam accompanied with citations to their published works.

Terrorism Afghanistan Resource Page
This is a full-service resource page accompanied with links to information on the Taliban in Afghanistan, including information on Women under the Taliban; an extensive range of resources on terrorism and anti-terrorism; biographical sketches of Usama Bin Laden, and a listing of books on the Taliban. There is also a media section for accessing home pages and an editorial and commentary page for understanding the roots of hatred.

The Catholic Encyclopedia
A complete encyclodepia provides full and
authoritative information on the entire cycle of Catholic interests, action and doctrine. By New Advent.

The religious census
The US Census Bureau does not ask questions about religion, so we rely on “Religious Congregation and Membership,” an annual publication by the Glenmary Research Center in Nashville. The book is packaged with a CD-ROM with database files for 1952, 1971, 1980, 1990 and 2000.

Tricycle-The Buddhist Review
Quaterly journal detailing Buddhist issues and events. A non-profit, subscription driven publication.