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A Journalist’s Guide to Covering Bioterrorism
Links and suggestions from the Radio-Television News Directors Association.

Acronym Finder
More than 100,000 acronyms and abbreviations, especially from defense, computers and telecommunications.

Afghan Academic Resoruces
Academic Info Afghanistan Studies has several links to an array of Afghan scholars and organizations, including detailed information on the Taliban and Osama bin Laden. You can also find reports on terrorism from the State Department.

Afghanistan Maps
The Afghan Network has assembled a number of online maps of Afghanistan, including major roads and regional maps.

American Legion
The world’s largest veterans organization.

Organization for American veterans who served since 1940.

Argus on Government & Law
Use the “Government & Law” link to find information about government, intellectual property, law and regulation, military, and politics and elections.

Arms Control Association
A membership organization dedicated to promoting public understanding of and support for effective arms control policies.

Army Chemical Demilitarization
Site devoted to efforts to dispose of chemical warfare material.

Army Research Laboratory
Similar to Air Force Research Laboratory. Fundamental and applied research. See publications for annual report.

Army Technology
Army Technology is a portal for the Military and Civil Defense Industry. Provides defense technology news, current military project information, armed forces products and services catalog, global organization directory and defense contractor profiles.

Good site for finding information on specific vehicles or weapons, as well as profiles of companies associated with the arms industry (includes links to their own sites and contact details).

It’s also worth noting that there are a whole range of these sites. You can find the rest at: []

Additionally, site is free to view.

Center for Defense Information
A nonprofit research organization monitoring military affairs. Briefs on defense and foreign policy, nuclear issues, military forces and strategy, arms trade, military spending, and international peacekeeping.

Central Intelligence Agency
CIA’s official site. Search by keyword or category.

Chemical and Biological Terrorism
The Henry L. Stimson Center’s home page is featuring The Chemical and Biological Weapons Nonproliferation Project, which have gathered a host of documents dealing with terrorism and biological weapons from international experts, government reports, and articles from leading news sources such as the Christian Science Monitor and The Washington Post

CIA Publications
Access reference material, CIA and other government reports and CIA publications.

Independent news source with focus on Middle East terrorism; has a distinctly hawkish, often pro-Israel bent (it was founded by 2 journalists in Israel) though it claims to have “no axe to grind.” Provides news and tips about terrorism and intelligence from around the world that aren’t necessarily reported widely.

Defence & Aerospace Directory
A company directory, searchable by industry, product or country, from Defence Systems Daily, the British publisher.

Defence Systems Daily
Defense and aerospace headlines every day from this British publisher.

Defense Fact File
Info on weapons, ships, aircraft and equipment from U.S. Navy, Air Force and Marines (no, not the Army, yet).

Defense Link: U.S. Department of Defense
The Department of Defense features an updated news section here on the September 11 terrorist attacks along with other matters relating the U.S. military. The American Forces Press Service writes the articles. On the left side of the page are additional links for finding recent speeches from top military personnel, such as Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfield, advisories to the media about upcoming press conferences, and home pages for specific branches of the U.S. Armed Services.

Department of Defense DefenseLINK
Good starting point for a military search. Links to official information about current U.S. military missions, and allows search by special interest topics.

Department of Defense Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms
Here are 734 pages of US military terms, jargon and acronyms, in a PDF file. From “abort” to “ZULU time.”

Disabled American Veterans
A nonprofit organization formed in 1920.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Navy
Another good starting point, but for Navy reasearch or background.

Global Beat experts list
List of international experts, maintained by New York University. Categorized by region and issue.

Hijackers Photo Archive
The FBI recently released photos of the 19 suspected hijackers believed to have been on board one of the four airplanes of September 11 that crashed into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and the downed plane in Stony Creek Township, Pennsylvania.

Institute for War and Peace Reporting
Focuses on the Balkans, the Caucasus and other areas of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. Links on human rights and regional topics.

Jane’s Defence Glossary
More than 20,0000 defense-related (oops, defence-related) terms and acronyms.

Journal of Electronic Defense
Must register to access site information. Formed in 1964, the Association of Old Crows (AOC) is a nonprofit professional association headquartered in the Washington, DC, area. The AOC supports the electronic defense community through technical committees, an international technical symposium and convention and scholarship grant programs.

Journalist’s Guide to Remote Sensing
Satellite maps and images. Includes links to think tanks, weather-related resources, image indexes and maps. From Christopher Simpson and the American University School of Communication.
A portal for U.S. military personnel, veterans and families.

Military City
Database of 10.2 million U.S. military personnel — active, retired and veterans. Requires a subscription of $4 a month or $36 a year. Owned by Army Times. Not complete.
A portal for U.S. military personnel, veterans and families.
A portal for U.S. military personnel, veterans and families. This one is backed by Dallas billionaire Ross Perot.

A quirky index of names cross-indexed. From book indexes primarily but also organization membership lists. A lot of foreign policy, spy, conspiracy, media, etc. Searching is restricted (not too many searches, not at peak times) unless you pay up. Started in the 1960s by New Left activist Daniel Brandt. Now done by his Public Information Research.

National Assn of State Directors Veterans Affairs
State by state information on veterans affairs in the United States.

National Personnel Records Center
Military and civilian personnel records for the U.S., except what was lost in a fire. Read the details on its collections and its “disastrous fire” in 1973.

National Security Archive
The National Security Archive recently released the first of a series of documents involving Usama bin Laden and his terrorist network, including reports from the Pentagon and the Senate Intelligence Committee, the State Department’s reports on global terrorism, as well the F.B.I.’s review of terrorism in the U.S.
In upcoming issues, the NSA plans to publish documents from the Soviet and U.S. files involving the last war in Afghanistan and information on the use of assassinations in foreign policy.

NLM: Chemical Warfare Agents
Authoritative source of information from the National Library of Medicine. Includes descriptions of four types of chemical agents and their effects on human health. Offers extensive collection of links to related information.

Periscope is a Military News Agency that provides paid subscribers access to its weapons systems database, describing 5,000 systems used by governments worldwide. A statistical country-by-country breakdown of armed forces is also provided. The database is only accessible to subscribers for $89.95 within a 24-hour span.
A glossary of military terms and acronyms is available for free.

Research from more than 600 professionals on national defense, education and training, health care, criminal and civil justice, labor and population, science and technology, community development, international relations and regional studies.

Fly over your neighborhood, if you’re in the U.S., viewing aerial maps from the U.S. Geological Survey and other sources.

Terror in the Information Age
The International Institute for Strategic Studies summarized the key points covered in the IISS Annual Conference held in Geneva, Switzerland, from September 12-15, 2001. Topics discussed include “Western Defence Policy Debates and Counter Terrorism,” “Changing Power Relations in the era of Globalised Terrorism,” “New Technologies, The Fight Against Terrorism and the Conduct of War,” and “Changing Definitions of Political Risks.”

The American Veterans Alliance Service Center
Information and assistance for veterans and active duty military personnel. Get answers to your questions with Ask Sarge from experts in their field. Also a search engine for veterans site.

U.S. Air Force links
Features official information on current Air Force missions. Includes an excellent alphabetical list of Air Force sites.

U.S. Air Force Reserve wings
Links to Air Force Reserve publications, facts and figures. And each wing in the U.S.

U.S. Army
Main page for U.S. Army.

U.S. Coast Guard
Main page for Coast Guard.

U.S. Department of State-Counterterrorism
The State Department�s Office of the Coordinator for Counterterrorism has made available a number of useful links and government reports on terrorism, a chronology of terrorist attacks inflicted upon Americans, and background information on the Taliban including Usama bin Laden in Afghanistan.
NOTE: Much of the information available here was gathered before the September 11 terrorist attacks.

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
Benefits and programs for vets.

U.S. Marine Corps
Official Marine Corps site. Links to current news, such as Operation Allied Force and topics of interest such as the Anthrax Vaccination Program.

U.S. military official sites
A list from AMVETS.

U.S. Military Reserves
Main pages for reserve commands.

U.S. National Guard
Main page for the National Guard.

U.S. Navy Online
Official Navy site.

Veterans Administration 1-Stop Inquiry
Information on VA programs and benefits.

Veterans of Foreign Wars
America’s oldest major veterans group.

Vietnam Veterans of America
Advocacy for Vietnam veterans.

War coverage resources
Suggestions and links, particularly for covering war in the Middle East, from the Radio-Television News Directors Association.

Where They Were
An article from the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, pinpointing locations of nuclear weapons from 1945 through 1977. Also a companion site from the National Security Archive.