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Abyz News Links
Links to more than 13,000 newspapers and other news sources from around the world. Fast, with hardly any graphics. Links are checked monthly. Updated daily.

Afghan Academic Resoruces
Academic Info Afghanistan Studies has several links to an array of Afghan scholars and organizations, including detailed information on the Taliban and Osama bin Laden. You can also find reports on terrorism from the State Department.

Afghanistan Maps
The Afghan Network has assembled a number of online maps of Afghanistan, including major roads and regional maps.

Amnesty International
Documents human rights abuses, opposes the death penalty, and monitors police brutality.

Anti-Arab Sentiment
The Southern Poverty Law Center has been chronicling the growing backlash against American Arabs and Muslims since the September 11 terrorist attacks.
The site also provides statistics on Arab Americans including a primer on Islam and the basic tenets of the religion.

Arms Control Association
A membership organization dedicated to promoting public understanding of and support for effective arms control policies.

Asian-Nation provides a unique exploration of the historical, political, social, economic, and cultural elements and issues that make up today’s diverse Asian American community. Combining in-depth research, statistics, and a casual, personal style, Asian-Nation is like an online version of ‘Asian Americans 101’ — something that everyone can learn from and use and a resource that is particularly useful for researchers and journalists.

Australian Broadcasting Authority
The ABA sets out explicit policy objectives, including the desirability of program diversity, limits on concentration of ownership and foreign control of the mass media and the need for media to help foster an Australian cultural identity, report news fairly and respect community standards. Sections devoted to television, radio, and the internet include news, investigations, licensing agreements, and regulation.

Bank of International Settlements Working Papers
Research on interbank lending.

Business Information Service
Focus on Newly Independent States, from the U.S. Department of Commerce: biweekly E-mail reports with trade leads, investment leads, conference announcements, and general information. Also industry and country reports.

Canadian Association of Broadcasters

Professional industry association that represents the vast majority of Canadian programming services – including private television and radio stations and networks, and pay television services. Established in 1926, the CAB has over 600 members. Includes sections on TV, radio, industry issues, social policy issues.

Canadian Broadcast Standards Council
Without the formalities of government sanctions, the CBSC promotes self-regulation in programming matters by Canada’s private sector broadcasters. At the Web site, the visitor can file a complaint, check the Canadian Association of Broadcasters code of ethics, and review CBSC decisions in media matters.

Carter Center
Experts from the international program founded by former US President Jimmy Carter.

Central Intelligence Agency
CIA’s official site. Search by keyword or category.

Chemical and Biological Terrorism
The Henry L. Stimson Center’s home page is featuring The Chemical and Biological Weapons Nonproliferation Project, which have gathered a host of documents dealing with terrorism and biological weapons from international experts, government reports, and articles from leading news sources such as the Christian Science Monitor and The Washington Post

CIA Publications
Access reference material, CIA and other government reports and CIA publications.

CIA world leaders
Names and titles of chiefs of state and cabinet members of foreign governments. From the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency.

Combating Terrorism
On September 21, 2001, The Institute of Peace brought together leading experts in the field of terrorism and presented a special briefing: “Coping With Terrorism: Challenges and Responses��. The Institute has provided a summary of the briefing with the intended purpose of advancing public discussion on the U.S.�s national security policy while offering suggestions for combating the threat of terrorism. The page is accompanied with related online resources dealing with terrorism including detailed information on the Taliban and Afghanistan

Commonwealth Press Union
750 members in 49 countries, including newspaper groups (with several hundred newspapers), individual newspapers, and news agencies represented by their proprietors, publishers or senior executives. Search editors’ forums, reports on press freedom, the CPU newspaper, awards, and training programs.

Congressional Quarterly Terrorism Resources
Congressional Quarterly has assembled a set of resources for finding information on Terrorism, Islamic Fundamentalism, and the Middle East Conflict, from past CQ Press sources and encyclopedia articles.

Country Profiles from Eldis
This resource, under development, will include detailed country information on agriculture, environment, economics, education, gender, politics, health, and advice for visitors. The agriculture component is the first completed, though links connect to older Eldis resources. From the Electronic Development and
Environment Information System

Dart Center for Journalism and trauma
The Dart Center “is a global network of journalists, journalism educators and health professionals dedicated to improving media coverage of trauma, conflict and tragedy. The Center also addresses the consequences of such coverage for those working in journalism.” Awards fellowships to journalists to study emotional injury, its effects on victims of disaster and violence, and its implications for journalists.

Independent news source with focus on Middle East terrorism; has a distinctly hawkish, often pro-Israel bent (it was founded by 2 journalists in Israel) though it claims to have “no axe to grind.” Provides news and tips about terrorism and intelligence from around the world that aren’t necessarily reported widely.

Access point for economic journals. Abstracts and tables of contents for journals, mostly in international business and economics. It’s free to search through the titles, authors, abstracts and keywords. Abstracts are available free. Claims 65 journals, 13,500 abstracts, 3,400 papers online. From Elsevier.

Energy Information Administration
Info on any energy topic, from the U.S. Department of Energy. Includes country briefs. Search by subject or key word. Or receive an alert by E-mail: weekly, monthly, or on subtopics or regions.

Economic indicators for European markets.

European Broadcasting Union
Contains information about membership, research papers, member news, legal and public affairs, and many other topics for what claims to be the largest professional association of national broadcasters in the world. The EBU negotiates broadcasting rights for major sports events, operates the Eurovision and Euroradio networks, organizes programme exchanges, stimulates and coordinates co-productions, and provides a full range of other operational, commercial, technical, legal and strategic services.

European Journalism Centre
The European Journalism Centre is an independent, non-profit institute for further training, a forum for journalists, media executives and journalism educators. Sends daily updates by E-mail on media news from Europe.

Foreign Governments
A comprehensive list from Louisiana State U. Helps you find the Albanian Ministry of Information in a jiffy.

Global Beat experts list
List of international experts, maintained by New York University. Categorized by region and issue.

Global Yellow Pages
Links to telephone directories around the world — residential and business.

Hijackers Photo Archive
The FBI recently released photos of the 19 suspected hijackers believed to have been on board one of the four airplanes of September 11 that crashed into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and the downed plane in Stony Creek Township, Pennsylvania.

How far is it
Calculate the distance between any two places in the world. Then see maps.

Human Rights Watch World Report 2000
Country by country summaries of human rights conditions. Special report on women, arms, children, academic freedom and other special issues.

InfoSpace International
Residential and business phone numbers from many countries, particularly in Europe.

Institute for International Economics Papers
Research on such subjects as globalization.

Institute for War and Peace Reporting
Focuses on the Balkans, the Caucasus and other areas of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. Links on human rights and regional topics.

International Center for Journalists
Resources for journalists, from the nonprofit International Center for Journalists, in Washington, D.C. “ICFJ was established in 1984 to improve the quality of journalism in nations where there is little or no tradition of independent journalism.”

International Consortium Investigative Journalists
A project of the Center for Public Integrity. “ICIJ and its cadre of international journalists investigate major global issues that affect us all.”

International Economic Trends
A quarterly compilation of data on the G-7 countries and the Euro area, including output, inflation, labor markets, interest rates, government budgets, international trade and more. From the Fed.

International Economic Trends annual
A graphical presentation of key economic data since 1986, covering 31 countries. Data on output, inflation, monetary aggregates, interest rates, government budgets, current accounts, exchange rates and foreign exchange reserves. From the Fed.

International Federation of Journalists
Active in protecting journalists from human rights abuses, the International Federation of Journalists, based in Belgium, is the world’s largest organization of journalists. “Established in 1926, it was relaunched in 1946 and again, in its present form, in 1952. Today the Federation represents around 450,000 members in more than 100 countries.” The site is in English and French. Links to member guilds and associations, programs, publications.

International Governmental Organizations
Links to organizations, from the African Development Bank to World Tourism Organization.

International Journalists’ Network
From the International Center for Journalists, “media assistance news, journalism training opportunities, reports on the state of the media around the world, and valuable media directories.” First, choose a region to see a menu.

International Monetary Fund Working Papers
International economic research.

International research guides
Links from Louisiana State U. Strategies for finding international information on the Web.

International Salary Calculator
Compares salaries among U.S. and international cities. Of course, neither of these calculators considers tax variations.

International Trade Web Resources
Links to more than 5000 Web site that are relevant to international trade

Iraq Daily
Daily news from the Middle East. Focuses on Iraqi news, with subcatagories including news on Iraqi economy, energy, politics and business. Links to newspapers from Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait, Iran and Iraq.

Find out how to subscribe to a daily summary of the Israeli press, from the Israeli Foreign Ministry. Also offers press statements, policy papers, speeches, op-eds.

Journalist’s Calendar of International Events
A long-view calendar of national elections and such, from New York University. Also links at the bottom of the page to other calendars of international conferences and events.

Latin American Network Information Center
LANIC has full information on Latin America, by country or subject. From the University of Texas.

Latin American Outlook
A monthly publication of the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research.

Living Standards Measurement Survey
From the World Bank. Household surveys are used to measure and understand poverty. Includes research reports and guides to using the data.

Media Communications Association International
The MCA-I is a global community of professionals creating programs for corporations, small businesses, agencies, non-profit organizations, government, education, the medical field, broadcast and cable television, etc. Access a job hotline, membership and insurance applications, a company finder, and a member resource list.

Mideast News Service
A site dedicated to connecting Americans with the Middle East. It has original video content with off-beat stories, links to other news stories of the day, and real time AP feed from the Middle East.

Migration Information Source
The Migration Information Source is a resource for timely and accurate migration and refugee data and analysis. It includes articles by migration experts, and easy-to-understand data and charts on migration trends worldwide, a Capitol Hill policy beat, and individual country profiles.

Migration Policy Institute
An online resource for research and policy analysis on refugees and international humanitarian response, U.S. immigration, immigrant integration, homeland security and civil liberties, and more.

A quirky index of names cross-indexed. From book indexes primarily but also organization membership lists. A lot of foreign policy, spy, conspiracy, media, etc. Searching is restricted (not too many searches, not at peak times) unless you pay up. Started in the 1960s by New Left activist Daniel Brandt. Now done by his Public Information Research.

National Bureau of Economic Research Working Paper
Research from a leading economics think tank.

National Geographic Map Machine
An authoritative atlas of the world: political, physical and satellite maps.

National Immigration Forum
Information for immigrants to U.S.

National Security Archive
The National Security Archive recently released the first of a series of documents involving Usama bin Laden and his terrorist network, including reports from the Pentagon and the Senate Intelligence Committee, the State Department’s reports on global terrorism, as well the F.B.I.’s review of terrorism in the U.S.
In upcoming issues, the NSA plans to publish documents from the Soviet and U.S. files involving the last war in Afghanistan and information on the use of assassinations in foreign policy.

Nations Online
A database of all the world’s countries, with links to other websites’ information about those countries, as well as the countries’ own websites. Not all nations get equally excellent coverage, but this is a good starting point for finding other sources of information.

Nobel Prizes
Prizes in physics, chemistry, physiology or medicine, literature, and peace. And a related prize in economics.

OFFSTATS: Official Statistics on the Web
“OFFSTATS lists web sites offering free and easily accessible social, economic and general data from official or similar ‘quotable’ sources, especially those that provide both current data and time series. In the country lists, these are mainly web pages provided by statistical offices, central banks and government departments and agencies, whereas the topics list is comprised of links to the statistics pages of international organizations and associations and a few commercial sites.”

Organization for Economic Co-operation and Dev.
Working papers on international development.

Pan American Health Organization
The Pan American Health Organization offers detailed information on public health issues in the Americas, in both English and Spanish including statistics, environmental issues, women’s health, infectious diseases, and many others. PAHO serves as the regional office of the World Health Organization.

Periscope is a Military News Agency that provides paid subscribers access to its weapons systems database, describing 5,000 systems used by governments worldwide. A statistical country-by-country breakdown of armed forces is also provided. The database is only accessible to subscribers for $89.95 within a 24-hour span.
A glossary of military terms and acronyms is available for free.

Population Reference Bureau
Timely information on population trends and issues.

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty
RFE/RL Newsline is a daily report of developments in Eastern Europe, Russia, the Caucasus and Central Asia. Based on news gathered by Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.

Refugee Population Statistics
The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees has made available a statistical breakdown of refugees, including resettlement figures, returnees, and a world refugee overview.

Resources on Arab-Americans
The American Arab Anti Discrimination Committee has provided a resource guides for finding information on Arab Americans, listing updated resources and reference works as well as an annotated bibliography on anti-Arab discrimination, stereotyping, and hate crimes.
Also included is a biliography of leading scholars on the Arab world and Islam accompanied with citations to their published works.

Rotary International
The service organization, with 28,000 clubs in 158 countries, issues a “Disaster Relief Notice” with pleas for contributions. All notices are posted in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish.

Provides online translation among European languages. But you certainly wouldn’t want to negotiate a contract based on its translation. I sent “assistant metro editor at the Chicago Sun-Times” through from English to French, and then sent the result back from French to English, and it became, “auxiliary editor of subway during Sun-Times of Chicago.” And “broadcast intern” became “intern of emission.” But it is free.

Terror in the Information Age
The International Institute for Strategic Studies summarized the key points covered in the IISS Annual Conference held in Geneva, Switzerland, from September 12-15, 2001. Topics discussed include “Western Defence Policy Debates and Counter Terrorism,” “Changing Power Relations in the era of Globalised Terrorism,” “New Technologies, The Fight Against Terrorism and the Conduct of War,” and “Changing Definitions of Political Risks.”

Terrorism Afghanistan Resource Page
This is a full-service resource page accompanied with links to information on the Taliban in Afghanistan, including information on Women under the Taliban; an extensive range of resources on terrorism and anti-terrorism; biographical sketches of Usama Bin Laden, and a listing of books on the Taliban. There is also a media section for accessing home pages and an editorial and commentary page for understanding the roots of hatred.

The Global Beat
A resource for journalists covering international issues, with background info, expert sources, and tips. From the Global Reporting Network, a program of the Center for War, Peace, and the News Media at New York University’s Department of Journalism and Mass Communication.

The Panos Institute
The Panos Institute, in London, is an independent information provider that aims to stimulate public debate on under-reported global issues, with an emphasis on perspectives from developing countries. Media briefings on topics in the environment, development, information technology, AIDS and health. “Panos also works to strengthen media capacity in developing countries, helping journalists report development issues to both a local and global audience.”

Time around the World
With maps. View the entire globe in one map with time zones. Or, at the bottom of the page, look up a country or display a regional map of time zones. Not intended to provide atomic-clock accuracy, but to show the relative time by zone. Compiled by Alexander Krivenyshev, oceanographer.

Trade Resource Center
Lists resources and news about international trade and transportation along with information on U.S. customs.

U.S. Department of State-Counterterrorism
The State Department�s Office of the Coordinator for Counterterrorism has made available a number of useful links and government reports on terrorism, a chronology of terrorist attacks inflicted upon Americans, and background information on the Taliban including Usama bin Laden in Afghanistan.
NOTE: Much of the information available here was gathered before the September 11 terrorist attacks.

UN Crime and Justice Information Network
World crime stats from 1970.

United Nations Crime Survey
World crime stats from 1970.

United Nations Development Programme
Also see the country-by-country report on poverty from April 2000. “UNDP’s mission is to help countries in their efforts to achieve sustainable human development by assisting them to build their capacity to design and carry out development programmes in poverty eradication, employment creation and sustainable livelihoods, the empowerment of women and the protection and regeneration of the environment, giving first priority to poverty eradication.”

Voice of America Pronunciation Guide
Nearly 2,000 foreign names and words, with phonetic spellings and the opportunity to hear them pronounced. Used by newscasters for Voice of America. Hearing the names pronounced requires speakers and the free Real Audio player.

War coverage resources
Suggestions and links, particularly for covering war in the Middle East, from the Radio-Television News Directors Association.

Where They Were
An article from the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, pinpointing locations of nuclear weapons from 1945 through 1977. Also a companion site from the National Security Archive.

Word2Word Language Resources
Links to a mind-boggling number of free dictionary, language-learning, and translating services for just about every language one could want. Plus games!

World Association of Newspapers
Umbrella non-profit, non-government organization offers training programs, conferences, press freedom updates, business opportunities, and a forum for editors.

World Bank Policy Research Working Papers
Research on international economics.

World Currency Converter
Conversions based on today’s exchange rates.

World Directory of Think Tanks
Japan’s National Institute for Research Advancement has a massive list of major think tanks worldwide — 320 from 77 regions. This site provides contact information along with short descriptions of what the think tank’s focus is, lists of staff and publications, and brief background information.

World Population
See the world population increase before your eyes.

Worldwide Governments on the WWW
Links to official sites from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe.

WWW Virtual Library: International Affairs Resources
This section of the WWW Virtual Library includes annotated links in a wide range of international affairs, international studies, and international relations topics.

Your dictionary
Dictionaries and translators online. A thorough list.