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Cost of Living Calculator
Allows you to adjust dollar figures for inflation in the US, for any years from 1913 forward. Choose “all items” and then either a region or “U.S. city average.” Note that you can adjust either from an older year to a newer year, or vice versa. From George Landau’s NewsEngine. Uses the U.S. Consumer Price Index.

FBI Electronic Reading Room
Information from the most-requested FBI files: John Wilkes Booth, J. Edgar Hoover, John Lennon, the Rosenbergs, John Steinbeck, UFOs, Weatherman Underground, even John Wayne.

Historical Stock Quotes from Yahoo
An easy way to track the day-by-day closing price of shares in the U.S. markets. Enter a stock ticker symbol, starting and ending dates, and the frequency you want (daily, monthly, weekly, or dividends). The resulting list gives you the option of saving a text file (.csv format), which you can open in a spreadsheet. Most charts go back no further than 1970. Data from Commodity Systems Inc.

History Guide
An interesting approach to finding historical information; has an easy-to-use format that allows searching or browsing through various time periods or locations, resulting in lists of links to related sites.

History on public TV
A roundup of shows, from Current, the magazine covering public radio and TV in the U.S.

Infoplease This Day in History
Important events on today’s date. Also an almanac to look up other dates.

Information Please Almanac
An online dictionary, almanac and encycolpedia. Includes today in history.

Resources on indigenous cultures around the world. Hundreds of links in a well-organized directory, from native-owned businesses and gambling to economic development and culture.

The interactive museum of news. From the Freedom Forum.

Old Photo Album
A collaborative effort to collect and display old photos on the Web.

Perpetual Calendar
Just plug in the year for a calendar of that year.

Everything you ever wanted to know about any president of the U.S. Well indexed.

The Food Timeline
Helpful resource for locating food history and period recipes. “All information is checked against standard reference tools for accuracy….” Also links to Culinary History Timeline.

The History Guide
A guide for secondary and undergraduate students of history. Many links.

This Day in History links
Sites with events from this date. From Yahoo.

Timelines of History
This is a world history site in timeline form. All items include source references. View by time or location.

Vanderbilt Television News Archive
Since August 5, 1968, The Television News Archive has systematically recorded, abstracted, and indexed national television newscasts. The collection is strong in news broadcasts and specials. Individuals may make videotape requests.

Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents
From 1995 forward, searchable.

What is the most important invention
Amazingly, it could be hay.

Yahoo journalism history
Yahoo search for “journalism and history.”

Yahoo Presidential Archives
Lists a dozen presidential archives.