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The free resource is a comprehensive encyclopedia of eco-labels found on food and wood products. With over 100 records of labels and general claims, consumers can find out who, what, and why behind the labels and general claims. Very easy to search and excellent database.

Food Industry Environmental Network
Jack Cooper, former director of the National Food Processors Association, runs this weekly newsletter on environmental issues affecting the agricultural and food industry, including food safety, biotechnology, pesticide, nutrition, and agricultural research.

Food Reference Website
A comprehensive source of food related articles, history, trivia, tips, quotes, humor & poems, who�s who, culinary events, recipes.

Food science links
Links to industry and scientific sources: American Egg Board, Center for Science in the Public Interest, et al.


Food Processing Equipment Resource, with products, suppliers, project descriptions, news, company profiles and agenda.

International Food, Wine and Travel Writers Assn
Offers training, and organizes conferences and media trips.

The Food Timeline
Helpful resource for locating food history and period recipes. “All information is checked against standard reference tools for accuracy….” Also links to Culinary History Timeline.

USDA Preparing for a New Millennium
The FY1998 report from the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture. Info on rural economy, food safety, family farm support.