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Cable and local television are known to host a number of shows and programs that are meant to entertain and provide sources of relaxation to its viewers. The bulk of the programs that are offered on television and cable television are all meant to serve as good pieces of entertainment and fun. But there are some programs that are designed to inform, educate and guide the listeners and viewers. Just take the case of news programs or news shows that are hosted on cable television and the TV news sites. Broadcasting & Cable will feature this in many forms including but not limited to AI’s Morning Meeting, b-roll Online, iWantMedia and Lost Remote. These news programs are not just hosted on television but these are hosted on radio as well. The content is similar to the shows hosted on cable television like MediaNews, News Blues and Newslab.

News programs and shows are known to carry news-oriented discussions and will also deliver the current events, as hosted by news anchors or announcers for radio. The usual arrangement is that the news stories will be delivered in separate stories, as presented by different anchors or reporters. Depending on the design and arrangement of the shows like Photog’s Lounge, Poynster Inst and even Shop Talk, there will be recorded interviews or live interviews that will be conducted. Sometimes, editorial content will be provided from time to time. Some shows like Producer Page and TV Market Rank will come up with discussions.

There was a time when these shows are more into light stories instead of hard news that people now expect with in shows like TV Week and TVCameramen. Up until 1995, evening news programs are characterized by pure hard news. But these changed with the arrival of new anchors like Diane Sawyer and Katie Couric that programs like Watercooler became lighter. Right now, different cable stations will have their own programs that cater to news and public affairs. Some programs will focus more on hard news and there will be cable TV programs and shows that will add debates and the lighter side of things.

TOP 100 Online News Sites

TV News Sites

  • Al’s Morning Meeting - Al Tompkins provides best practices, story ideas that you can localize enterprise.
  • b-roll Online - The Latest News in TV Photography
  • Broadcasting & Cable - Authoritative broadcasting industry news covering local TV; FCC regulation; HD, DTV and 3D technology; programming; syndication; and advertising.
  • iWantMedia - A portal site for media (magazines, newspapers, Internet, books, television, radio, entertainment), offering news, information and resources.
  • Lost Remote - The Home of Social TV
  • MediaNews - Journalism training, media news, how to’s.
  • News Blues - TV News insiders dish the dirt on America’s television newsrooms.
  • NewsLab - 
  • Photog’s Lounge - The voice of the television news photographer and cameraman.
  • Poynter Inst. - 
  • Shop Talk - And Now The News… About Local News
  • TV Market Rank - The Nielsen Company, a leading global information and measurement company, provides market research, insights & data about what people watch & what people buy.
  • TV Week
  • Watercooler