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Government agencies and directories are the offices that are under the control of the government in the delivery of social and related services. These types of agencies are slightly different from the departments that have are established by governments. In theory, the main role of the government agencies and directories is are executive in nature and can assume advisory laws. World Governments have the power to set up government agencies but in some cases states through State Home Pages can also set-up these agencies that can help in the delivery of social and related services to the general public.

There are at least two ways in which these the government agencies and directories can be established. Using the Government Guide, one will learn that these agencies and directories can be started using legislations and through the exercise of the executive powers. It should be kept in mind that the accountability and scope of authority of the agencies will depend on the government. In the United States, the scope of responsibilities will be defined by the U.S. House and U.S. Senate.

Historical Development of Government Agencies
The modern government agencies of today were inspired by the British Navy Board which was started in 1546. Also, the introduction of the Commissioners of Bankruptcy was also the inspiration for the agencies of today. It was in 1933, the so-called alphabet agencies were introduced to the general public.

Different countries will have their own different designs on how they can manage their government agencies and directories. The rules that govern the US Government Agencies will slightly differ with the rules adopted by other countries when it comes to setting up or agencies just like the World Embassies.

For example in France, the agencies will focus on three important aspects of government. As listed in FirstGov and County Home Pages, the agencies will focus more ion economy, information and defense of rights. In the United States, it is the role of the government to come up with separate agencies to deliver important services and to attend to the complex nature of the federal state and these are manifested in Embassies in DC and the City Home Pages.

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